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Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

New Presbytery Websites

Coastal Mid-Atlantic:

Central Carolinas:

New River:

Upcoming Meetings


After July 1, 2022, three distinct presbyteries will meet separately. See each presbytery's website for more information. 

Praise the Lord!
Three New Presbyteries Are Now Official! 

After several years of guidance from the Lord, prayer, planning and preparing, the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic has multiplied into three new presbyteries. 

As of July 1, 2022, the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic no longer exists. Three new presbyteries now take up the mission to make disciples, plant churches and equip believers to serve our communities and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 

Multiplying into three new presbyteries is a bittersweet event. We will miss our brothers and sisters across West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. But, we praise the Lord for new brothers and sisters and more effective ministry across our new presbyteries. May we continue the Lord's work remembering the DNA of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic. 

We pray for God's direction and blessings as we multiply! 

Not sure of your new Presbytery?
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New Presbytery Map

New Presbytery Websites Online 

New websites for each new Presbytery are now online.
Make sure to check out your new Presbytery's website! 


The new websites below are the sources of information of each new presbytery. This website will remain online until the fall of 2022 to link to the new websites.

Presbytery of the Coastal Mid-Atlantic:

Presbytery of the Central Carolinas:

Presbytery of the New River:

Join a New Presbytery Facebook Group

Michelle Munger has created new Facebook groups for each of the new presbyteries. These groups allow those who are members of that group to post directly for real time interaction with one another. Please welcome and invite your region brothers and sisters.

The groups are growing and in need of an administrator for each group. If you can help with that, please contact Michelle Munger.

Here are the links:
Presbytery of the New River:
Presbytery of the Central Carolinas:
Presbytery of the Coastal Mid-Atlantic:

Website questions please contact:
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