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Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

Ruling Elder 
Duke Lineberry 

The mission of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic is to resource, train, and
encourage one another to fulfill the Great Commission.

Upcoming Meetings

92nd PMA
April 26-27, 2019
Reynolda EPC
Winston Salem, NC

93rd PMA
Sept. 27-28, 2019
Myrtle Grove EPC
Wilmington, NC

94th PMA
Jan. 24-25, 2020
Darlington, EPC
Darlington, SC

EPC General Assembly Resources

The EPC General Assembly Office provides a variety of downloadable resources, including EPC Book of Order, Westminster Confession of Faith, Leadership Training Guide, and others. Printed copies of many EPC documents are available from

Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic Authors

The Presbyterian Story by S. Donald Fortson, III, D.Min., Ph.D., Professor of Church History and Practical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC. The Presbyterian Story is useful to elders, seminarians, church members interested in how the EPC fits into Presbyterianism in America. (Comes with a study guide which relates Scripture to history.) Click here to order.

Liberty in Non-Essentials also by S. Donald Fortson, III, D.Min., Ph.D. A history of the EPC, celebrating 35 years of ministry: 1981-2016. Click here to order.

Out of Order: The Self-Destruction Of A Mainline Denomination, by Rev. Powell Sykes, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Burlington, NC. 

In 1927 American Presbyterians chose to stop listing and insisting upon "the essential tenets of the Reformed faith"; instead, they emphasized tolerance and essential action. Since then, historic, biblically based Christianity has been supplanted more and more by a different religion, dubbed Religious Liberalism by the author, within the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States. This, coupled with decades of removing practical means of holding pastors accountable for any of their beliefs and much of their behavior, is leading to that denomination's demise in the early years of the 21st Century. The author combines historical overview and perspective with his own experiences as a pastor of Presbyterian churches in North Carolina to make his case. Click here to order.

Reformed with Power (How Reformed faith and Calvinistic theology flow with the power of the Holy Spirit) [Kindle Edition], by Rev. Tom Pittman.

The Reformed faith and Calvinistic theology flow with the power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. How does a reformed church exercise and govern the spiritual gifts today? Can any follower of Jesus flow with the power of the Holy Spirit? Reformed With Power is an apologetic and guide for the use of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Throughout his years in ministry, Tom Pitman has had fellow reformed pastors and church members ask him about the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Through this work, he illustrates biblically, historically and logistically how the Holy Spirit has been actively using His gifts throughout time and how important they are for today. Click here to order.

The Leadership Ladder Developing Missional Leaders in the Church by Steven Ogne & Kenneth Priddy. There are over 100 million people in our country who are not connected to any church. Research shows that growing churches grow on the edges of their ministries. They have active evangelism on the front edge and leadership development on the back edge. Ogne & Priddy make the case that when we raise up and multiply leaders, we are growing the capacity of the church to minister to more people in more and better ways.

They outline a holistic pathway -  The Leadership Ladder - to address the urgent need for multiplying missional leaders in our churches. Discover how this pathway could impact your church! Click here to order

Becoming the Likeness of Jesus by Bill Day, PhD, LCSW, member of Fellowship of Christ EPC in Cary, NC. The Gospel is a multi-faceted diamond that reflects the Light of the world. One facet that rivets the attention of Christian believers is Jesus' sacrificial death, through which we are forgiven and redeemed: "Jesus paid it all," we say.

However, there is another facet of this diamond, a facet of transformation. We can also say "Jesus took it all." This facet radiates a luminescent clarity that Jesus took upon Himself, onto the cross, our counterfeit "human nature." He took all the self-centered, prideful, rebellious dispositions of our well as the wounds, afflictions, and abuses heaped upon us by the self-slants of others. In exchange, He gives us His life, i.e., true human nature.

Becoming the Likeness of Jesus is a story about this forgotten facet of transformation, and is a guide for shifting from knowing about the facet into its actualization in daily life. It is "the rest of the story" in which you may find depths of discovery for your own journey towards healing, wholeness, and truth. Click here to order

Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition by Kelly M. Kapic and Wesley Vander Lugt. Wes is Lead Pastor of Warehouse 242 in Charlotte, NC. The Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition is ready to assist you over the rough parts of readings, lectures, conversations and blogs. It will also be a companionable and concise introduction to one of the great Christian traditions. It would be beneficial for the PMA and the EPC in general, especially for candidates preparing for ordination. Click here to order. 

Living Theodrama: Reimagining Theological Ethics also written by Wesley Vander Lugt. Living Theodrama is a fresh, creative introduction to theological ethics. Offering an imaginative approach through dialogue with theatrical theory and practice, Vander Lugt demonstrates a new way to integrate actor-oriented and action-oriented approaches to Christian ethics within a comprehensive theodramatic model. This model affirms that life is a drama performed in the company of God and others, providing rich metaphors for relating theology to everyday formation and performance in this drama. Different chapters explore the role of the triune God, Scripture, tradition, the church, mission, and context in the process of formation and performance, thus dealing separately with major themes in theological ethics while incorporating them within an overarching model. This book contains not only a fruitful exchange between theological ethics and theatre, but it also presents a promising method for interdisciplinary dialogue between theology and the arts that will be valuable for students and practitioners across many different fields. Click here to order. 

Resources Commended by Presbytery Committees

Brent Campbell
Dear Fellow Elders,
For those that were at the September 2018 Presbytery at Lake Forest Church, you would have heard Brent Campbell, the African American Staff member for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship that shared his story.  Below is a letter to all of us from Brent willing to make himself available to any of you that would love to continue to grow your congregation in missional advancement toward Racial Reconciliation.
Please reach out to him directly if he can assist you in anyway.  Brent is also a Millennial that daily works with the “next generation” and filled with resources to assist as well in helping your churches grow in reaching the next generation.  He’s been an invaluable resource to us at Lake Forest.
In the Journey with you,
Rev. Mitch White
Executive Pastor
Lake Forest Church

Download Brent Campbell's Letter here

Accessible Church

Faith Inclusion Network's goal is to connect people with disabilities and their families to faith communities that are welcoming and genuinely want to include everyone. We also want to help faith communities become more inclusive by connecting them with resources and providing networking opportunities at conferences and meetings throughout the year. Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic's own Michelle Munger is Peninsula Area Director for Faith Inclusion Network. 

Michelle has created for the PMA. Check out the easy "getting started" suggestions as well as her blog. Michelle will help you work through this conversation. Contact Michelle with any questions you may have.

Michelle Munger comes to the special needs community as the parent of two young men with autism. She and her husband Steven were married in 1996, weathered the active duty military lifestyle, and have settled in Virginia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Development from American Military University and a Masters in Religious Education from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. She has served in a variety of military and civilian church staff positions including Ministry Assistant, Director of Religious Education (serving both catholic and protestant chapel congregations), Youth Director, and Preschool & Children’s Ministry Director. 

Social Media Primer

Michelle Munger is also available ot help PMA churches develop or enhance their website and social media presence. Michelle manages several websites herself and uses social media to coneect people and help communicate the Good News! She has written a Social Media Primer to help churches. Michelle has generously offered to help PMA churches. Please contact Michelle with any questions you may have. Download the Social Media Primer here. 

Resources Commended by the
Ministerial Vocation Committee of EPC General Assembly

PIR Ministries partners with God and the church to provide a healing process to restore hope to at-risk and exited pastors. They encourage and support Christian pastors and their families in the vocational transitions of their lives. They provide spiritual and emotional support and network exited pastors with safe house churches. They also provide opportunities to resolve conflict for possible reentry into ministry and utilize an assessment tool for understanding God’s handiwork in creating an individual’s passions, skills and style.

Broom Tree Ministries—The mission of Broom Tree Ministries is to provide a gracious environment, secluded and private, protected with prayer, to which Christian leaders and their spouses can retreat from frantic schedules and become intimate with God so that He can refresh, refocus, restore, encourage, energize and equip them for the task to which He has called them.

QuietWaters Ministries helps Christian leaders with personal and professional crises, and professional growth. Through one-on-one Intensive Programs licensed counselors help the Christian leader get back in touch with God, renew their sense of calling, restore their professional vision and priorities, and strengthen their personal relationships.

Starting Over is designed to help people grow through one of life’s most difficult experiences, that of dealing with the loss after divorce, separation or break up, and the emotional trauma that often accompanies that life circumstance.

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