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Small Church Missional Grant

The Church Development Committee (CDC) acknowledges that the majority of churches in the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic (PMA) are small churches.   Charged with church vitality the CDC resonates with the small church ministry and the constrictions of funds to do ministry.   In an effort to promote and resource small churches to think more missionally the CDC through the Vitalization Team created five  (5) $500 Missional Grants are available.  

The intent and mandate behind these grants is that the program, project, or event intentionally engage the church to develop relationships with it’s community for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.   The plan for sharing the Gospel within the program, project, or event is to be clearly laid out and an evaluation process clearly defined.   The Vitalization Team will assist churches in the planning process and executing the plan by assigning a representative from the Vitalization Team and/or Go Center.  

These grants will be awarded on a first come first served basis within the guidelines of the Missional Grant. 

Small Church Missional Grant Guidelines

  1. Church Membership 150 or less
  2. Church must participate in the work and life of the PMA with per member asking and Teaching Elder and Ruling Elder attendance.
  3. Church must participate in the Z4:10 Network
  4. The program, project, or event must be missional - intentional outreach to build relationships with community for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.
  5. Grant money may not be used for building renovations or upgrades of any kind.
  6. The church session is requested to receive a visit from a Vitalization Team member or Go Center Representative
  7. The Missional Plan, Goals, and Evaluation are to be clearly communicated in a 1-2 page Narrative submitted to the Vitalization Team.  
  8. Church will be  asked to consider raising matching funds and to receive the Grant funds with intent of paying the Grant funds forward in the future if possible. 
  9. The Church will be required either in writing or visit to report to the Vitalization Team the progress and evaluation of the missional project
  10. The Missional project must be executed within a calendar year.

To apply for the Small Church Missional Grant submit to the Vitalization Team:

  1. 1-2 page Narrative of plan, goals, and evaluation process for the Missional project ( The who, what, where, when, and how)
  2. Financial cost estimates of project.
  3. Date Missional Project Plan was approved by Church Session
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